Sunday, February 28, 2010

Basic Flowchart Symbols

-- Basic flowchart Symbols --

Flowchart can help us to plan, depict and communicate with ourselves and others the tasks on hand. The flowchart symbols are dynamic and their meanings continue to grow and change depending on who uses them. Please find out more about the complete Flowchart Symbol set in wiki, The following represents the most commonly used symbols are their generally accepted meanings:

The Process Symbol represents any process, function, or action and is the most frequently used symbol in flowchart.

The Document Symbol is used to represent any type of hard copy input or output (i.e. reports).

The Offpage Connector Symbols are used to indicate the flowchart continues on another page. Often, the page number is placed in the shape for easy reference.

The Input/Output Symbol represents data that is available for input or resulting from processing (i.e. customer database records).

The Comment Symbols are used when additional explanation or comment is required. This symbol is usually connected to the symbol it is explaining by a dash line.

The Decision Symbol is a junction where a decision must be made. A single entry may have any number of alternative solutions, but only one can be chosen.

The Connector Symbol represents the exit to, or entry from, another part of the same flowchart. It is usually used to break a flow line that will be continued elsewhere. It's a good idea to reference page numbers for easy location of connectors.

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